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7 Jun 2017 These evolu?tion has led to many options of design and construction methods of various structural components or elements of a building; such as floors, wall, and so on. The desire to Here, we will discuss the two most common floor types in Nigeria : Solid floor slab and hollow pot slab. We will compare and A slab can be placed on the ground can be supported by beam and soil strength capacity while a suspended slab is supported by beam, wall and column. 【Get Price】

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7 Jan 2009 27.2.01 MODULE UNIT DESCRIPTION. This module unit involves construction of buildings and related building works form foundations, walls, roofs, finishes and demolitions works. describe types of upper floors; design upper concrete floors; provide openings and services in upper concrete floors. =27.2.1T1. Icon key points.gif. Key points. Types of floors. timber; concrete. solid concrete; precast concrete floor; hollow pots. Design requirements for upper concrete  【Get Price】

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In partnership with a Consulting Engineer, we have revolutionised substructure (foundation and below ground floor) construction for permanent buildings. Through use of Reinforced concrete columns, ground beams and suspended ground floor slab (using HICU hollow pots), we have achieved a lot of savings in cost ( labour & materials), increased greatly speed of construction and greatly reduced wastages (unnecessary excavation of soil & dumping of same. Backfilling with  【Get Price】

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4 Oct 2011 This invention relates to a floor construction method and system, and more particularly to a method for producing shallow and ultra shallow steel floor systems. 【Get Price】

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12 Oct 2009 suspended concrete floors are found in storeyed buildings. The self weight of concrete without additional live loads is great. In buildings where the spans are large, weight reduction is done to avoid buckling of the floor. This buckling is where the concrete sags at the middle. The concrete is laid the same way but hollow pots are added to reduce weight. This blocks are hollow in the middle. The reinforcements are laid in between them and concrete is added and  【Get Price】

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27 Jun 2016 Chartered surveyor Ian Rock explains the options for the ground and first floor structure for new homes and extensions including timber and concrete types. suspended concrete flooring systems were originally developed as a means of overcoming ground problems such as unstable sloping sites, where it made sense to bridge deep gaps rather than fill them. Today, nearly all new houses hollow Core Ground floors — An Even Quicker Solution. The quickest way  【Get Price】

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Pre-cast flooring is a reinforced concrete hollow core flooring system combining ease of construction with the security of pre-cast concrete. Pre-cast flooring add Electrical and plumbing services as well as insulation and underfloor heating sit on top of this solid structure, tucked away underneath a screed or timber floor. If considering a concrete floor, discuss this with your architect at the initial stages of the design process so the system can be incorporated at the onset. On receipt  【Get Price】


13 Mar 2013 external brickwork walls supporting floor beams which span between these walls and internal steel columns. The roof and rear elevation has been locally . confirmed, but from initial inspection they appear to be of clay hollow pot (or similar) construction. The second floor structure appears to be as as well as ground level filler joist floor. As discussed previously, the lobby has been raised from its original level and as such much of this staircase has been infilled with. 【Get Price】

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An Assessment Of Time Variation In. Solid And hollow floor construction. In Lagos State. The choice of construction method employed for construct- ing suspended slabs in buildings tend to impact significantly on the delivery time of building project. Thus, this study aims at assessing the impact of various construction methods on duration for constructing hollow and solid floor slabs in build- ings in Lagos State, Nigeria. The research design for this study was a survey design approach  【Get Price】

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13 Jul 2017 Full-text (PDF) The differences in construction methods between different forms of slabs construction tend to result into variation in the cost of the slabs for any building project. wire reinforcement usually are required in suspended . The constructions of the formwork for hollow clay. pot slabs are usually done in two ways. These are;. 1. Constructing or laying the formwork to cover. the whole area of the floor slab and then the. pots laid on them. 2. Constructing or  【Get Price】

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an assessment of the variation in construction duration between pdf. is more expensive than hollow slab construction provided the hollow slab is a one-way hollow floor and not waffle floor. In pre cast solid slab construction the cost of transportation of. Keywords: Cost variation, hollow slabs, Lagos state, Reinforced concrete, Solid slab, Waffle floor . . point of discharge and then discharged. 【Get Price】

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This method is much cheaper than the much hyped concrete waffles as no form work is required. The hollow pot beams cast on the ground and allowed to cure for 21 days. They are placed on top of the ring beam and BRC reinforcements are then placed on top. Concrete of about 2 inches (50mm) is then cast on top of the hollow pot. A normal solid concrete slab would require at least 6 inches (150mm) thickness of concrete. This method requires no form work and thus significant  【Get Price】

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30 Oct 2017 1 Introduction; 2 Solid ground floor; 3 suspended timber floor; 4 suspended concrete floor; 5 Ribbed floor; 6 hollow pot floor; 7 Raised floor; 8 Plenum; 9 Floating floor; 10 Sprung floor; 11 Separating floor; 12 Find out more. 12.1 Related articles on Designing Buildings According to Approved Document C, a the 'lower horizontal surface of any space in a building including finishes that are laid as part of the permanent construction.' A floor typically provides: Structural  【Get Price】