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Ultralast - Ultra Fireguard. Superior Fire Retardant clear acrylic

Ultra Violet resistance - does not yellow with age. Waterproofs fences. Easy spread rate. High fire and heat resistance, (210<sup>o</sup>C). Stain resistant. Excellent adhesion capabilities. Non-toxic and odourless. Lengthens life of fencing - natural preservative. Fungus and chemical substance resistance, e.g. acid, alkaline, etc. Ultra-fireGuard can be used for the following purposes: Brushed fencing; Bamboo fencing; Thatched roofing; Timber fencing. Thatch Roofing Remove all rotten thatch&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Fire-Resistant Landscaping - Acacia Landscape

fire-Resistant Landscaping. fires have always been a part of California's natural cycles and unfortunately changing weather patterns and drought conditions will likely increase their frequency in the future. Defensible Space protected this home. shrub material; Dethatching native brush; Heavy grading work; Planning and planting using fire resistant material; Installing effective irrigation systems; Placing erosion control systems; Installing safer alternatives to wood fences such as:. 【Get Price】

How to Build Fire-Proof Homes Builder Magazine Fire Safety

29 Apr 2003 How to Build fire-Proof Homes. By Matthew Power. By Matthew Power. Tinder-dry forests and grasslands. Homes and communities built on the fringe of rural frontiers. When the next natural inferno makes its move, can your rural . Mind the fence. Flammable wooden fences can act like an incendiary fuse, leading flames directly to the house. Create a firestop of masonry between the house and the fence--or simply build the fence of masonry or metal components. 【Get Price】

FAQ Fire Retardant Sunset Bamboo

Application of fire retardant must be done by an authorized agent, who will provide a valid certificate of application when completed to submit to your county fire Marshall upon request. Sunset Bamboo strongly recommends that you discuss your intentions with your local fire Marshall prior to commencement of your project. No guarantees as to the fire safety or the acceptability by the local governing authorities are expressed or implied by Island Thatch, Inc. DBA Sunset Bamboo. 【Get Price】

WW 790 - Flames Gone

WW 790 when used in conjunction with the FR 450 Sealer provides the ultimate in an exterior fire retardant treatment providing a Class A rating. Some of the uses for this product are: Framing Lumber (all structural construction); Wood Roofs (Shake/Shingle); Fences, Siding; Plywood; Wood Decks, under-deck; Trellises, arbors and etc. Wooden barns, bridges & misc., wood structures including those that are weathered. FEATURES, BENEFITS. Clear color, Wood retains natural color. 【Get Price】

Clear Fire Retardant For Wood & Decking Products - Fire Proof Spray

Weather Resistant for Decking Garden Sheds Exhibition stands Flametect WD wood is formulated to penetrate deep into wood and timber based products to. 【Get Price】

Wood preservation - Wikipedia

This treated wood utilizes a fire retardant chemical that remains stable in high temperature environments. The fire retardant is applied under pressure at a wood treating plant like the preservatives described above, or applied as a surface coating. In both cases, treatment provides a physical barrier to flame spread. The treated wood chars but does not oxidize. Effectively this creates a convective layer that transfers flame heat to the wood in a uniform way which significantly slows the&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Cedar Fencing - Great Central Lumber

Cedar Dog Ear fencing. 1x6x6 Rough/Rough Dog Ear. -6' Tall. -5.5" Wide. -Full 3/4" Thick. -Rough sawn both sides. 1x6x6 Smooth/Rough Dog Ear. -6' Tall. -5.25" Wide. -Full 3/4" Thick. -Smooth one side, rough the other. Know the difference. While not Red Cedar: naturally contains its own preservative oils in the wood which make it highly resistant to rot, insects, and the effects of moisture. BEAUTY – Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of Real Cedar. 【Get Price】

Fences - Homeowner's Wildfire Mitigation Guide

Fences. Fences (and walls) are both decorative and functional (for security and privacy) and come in many materials and configurations. While we have no laboratory fire test data on fences,there are a number of observations that indicate fences — like vegetation — are a much greater hazard For fences in "zero-lot-line" situations, consider using a noncombustible material, ignition-resistant lumber (fire retardant treated for exterior exposure), or thicker dimension lumber (1 1/2 inch). 【Get Price】

1, a. ¥i->-e-;NATURAL 1 - GRM Biowood

¥i->-e-;natural 1 . r s- , s , LowMamtenan'ce & Enwron m." Biowood fire retardant Reconstituted Wood Screening. Why you should choose Biowood. Reconstituted Wood Screening > Lightweight and durable. > Termite & water fencing application ? Biowood fire retardant Reconstituted Wood Screening centre to centre span for continuous and single for screening and fencing application is. 1200mm maximum. How dif?cult is Biowood fire retardant Reconstituted Wood. 【Get Price】

Fire Retardant Timber and Wood Paint Promain

Promain supply a vast range of fire retardant Timber and Wood Paint. Find out more information here. Buy online today. Timber and wood are extremely flammable and for that reason we make sure that we stock a wide supply of timber and wood fire resistant paints and coatings for use on wood and timber. The risk of fire is a huge factor when it comes to health and Bollom Flamebar S3 for Hessian, Rope, Sisal and natural Fibres. Flamebar S3 fire Proof for Theatre Stage Props,&nbsp; 【Get Price】

2017 Wood vs Vinyl Fence Northwest Fencing

22 Jan 2017 Appearance: Traditional, All-natural, Organic Look. Easy Repairs. Maintenance: Yearly Basis, possibility of wood warping or posts sinking. Vulnerabilities: pests, dry rot, fungus. Vinyl. Low Maintenance: very durable, won't split or crack;. Ready to Install. Material: plastic, environment safe, available in different colours. Pest and fire Resistant. Easy Installation. Cost: Higher Upfront Cost. Repair Complications. Vulnerabilities: to extreme temperatures: can expand and&nbsp; 【Get Price】