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21 Oct 2013 When I had my house renovated I was on a strict limited budget. My contractor went above and beyond with some items, one being replacing the rotting front porch floor (11'x5') and putting down composite decking. My huge problem is it's not sealed between the planks and the water runs into as hollow area just under the floor! I am a person who loves to hose down the house and porch usually but can't as the water doesn't run off it just sits in the underneath area! 【Get Price】

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watertight Installation. water-tight installation is slightly different than a waterproof installation. The Aeratis approved waterproof installation requires the use of a peel-n-stick membrane that will gasket the fasteners when the fasteners penetrate the membrane. Typically, the membrane is adhered to plywood and the plywood is fastened to the joist system. With a water-tight instillation, you simply fasten the Aeratis boards to the joist system with no less than a 1/4″ per foot slope and you  【Get Price】

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Gregory, owner of Vintage Woodworks: I agree with you, Wayne, that running the porch boards parallel to the house is part of the issue, as any water that gets into the cracks between boards has no place to go but down. However, even if the boards were installed perpendicular to the house, it is likely the problem would persist, as it is not feasible to get a waterproof seal between painted boards. I believe the solution to waterproofing your porch floor (as much as possible) is to seal the  【Get Price】

Waterproof Installation AERATIS PORCH FLOORING

Make sure the membrane turns up the wall far enough to stop water from getting behind the membrane. Run your boards the direction you would like for the water to flow. Try not to ever install Aeratis on a waterproof structure with the boards running parallel. This will slow down the water runoff. Make sure you do not have any low spots in your framing or plywood sub-floor. This can cause puddles and lead to leaking. Never leave any gaps or intentionally gap your Aeratis boards. 【Get Price】


Squaring the first board. This brief video will cover the key steps when starting a tongue and groove porch installation. If you don't pay close attention and make sure the first board is square, the rest of the porch boards will become increasingly more un-square. waterproof Membrane – When installing Aeratis in a waterproof application, it is best to use a peel and stick membrane that can be penetrated (creates a gasket around fasteners) by fasteners. Currently the best results come  【Get Price】

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than others, it may be reflected in the porch surface. Install Aeratis porch flooring on joists no greater than 16” on center (10” on center for stair applications). Installing Aeratis perpen- dicular to the house is recommended to help promote water runoff. If you are looking to make your installation waterproof, you should run the Aeratis boards perpendicular to the house. By doing so, you will promote rather than restrict water runoff. It is best practice to slope Aeratis 1/4” per foot away from  【Get Price】

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AridDek? provides a watertight aluminum decking surface with a unique interlocking tongue and groove design which integrates a hidden fastener system. watertight Aluminum Decking Surface; Marine Grade Aluminum boards w/ Tongue & Groove Design; One Start Board; Main boards; One Finish Board; Extruded With Integrated, Hidden, Screw Flange; Complex Deck Shapes - Easily Achieved; Dry Space Below for Lighting and More; AridDek? Deck Finishing; Additional  【Get Price】

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7 Feb 2017 The contractor installed a waterproof layer over the plywood, and then ceramic tile filled with urethane grout. Also the individual boards were installed so that the interlocking tongues and grooves pointed away from the house. So long as the wood-framed porch had a slope built into it allowing it to shed water to the outside of the building, any water that penetrated through the tile floor, around the waterproof substrate under the tile and around the large corner  【Get Price】

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15 Mar 2017 I haven't mentioned sheet membrane products such as Duradek or waterproof deck-tile installations, because to my mind those waterproofing methods require specialized subs and so fall into a different category. But there is one other interesting option—called Dexerdry—that works with certain brands of standard composite decking and can be installed by any deck builder. Dexerdry is a rubberized gasket that slips into grooved deck boards prior to installation, so the  【Get Price】


Convert Your Deck To A porch. Extend it's use by 3 months. 1. Semi-climate controlled 2. Keep the bugs away 3. Becomes a usable living space, not just a platform for the grille 4. Enhance the value of your home Review the top 10 reasons why architects, builders, homeowners and historians are selecting Aeratis over T&G wood, deck boards, concrete, other synthetics and composites. Typically, wood performs much worse when someone tries it in a waterproof application. 【Get Price】

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to be waterproof and should not be used in any waterproof application. Caulks, adhesives or other similar products should not be used in the tongue and groove areas of AZEK porch. AZEK porch. AZEK does not recommend the use of rubber or vinyl products (welcome mats, planters, etc.) on porch boards. A reaction can occur that causes discoloration of the board under the rubber/vinyl product. This is a common caution for vinyl decking products. Do NOT nail AZEK porch boards. 【Get Price】