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To convert from, to, multiply by. Mass (weight) pound (lb). kilogram (kg), 0.4535924. ton, 2000 lb. kilogram (kg), 907.1848. grain. Mass (weight) per length, kilogram (kg), 0.0000648. kip per linear foot (klf), kilogram per meter (kg/m), 0.001488. pound per linear foot (plf), kilogram per meter (kg/m), 1.488. Mass per volume (density). pound per cubic foot (pcf), kilogram per cubic meter (kg/cu m), 16.01846  【Get Price】

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Bushings/Reducers. Caps. Unions. A t. A t. B. ALUMINUM handRAIL. OVAL. Alloy 6061, 20' Lengths. Size Inches. Wt. A. B t. per Length. 2.562. 1.562 .125. 20.0 .090 EDGE RAIL. 6063 T6 16' Lengths .54 LBS/FT. Closes to 1.05” Diameter .. 144. COPper PLATE. Thickness. weight. 1/4 ”. 11.6 Lbs per Ft.2. 3/8 ”. 17.4 Lbs per Ft.2. COPper BUS BAR. Rectangular - Square Corner. 12 foot Lengths. Wt. Size Inches. per Ft. 1/8 x 11/2 .726. 3/16 x 1 .727. 1/4 x 1/2 .484. 1/4 x 3/4 .727. 【Get Price】

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weight Tables - EMJ. The weights shown would be accurate if steel and aluminum could always per. per 12-Ft . 20-Ft . inches inch foot bar bar inches inch foot bar bar. 1/8 .0035 . IBC Structural Requirements for Guard & handrail Installations. 8.1 handrails and guards. handrail assemblies and guards shall be designed to resist a linear load of 50 pounds per linear foot (plf) (0.73 kN/m) in accordance Metal weight Calculator Industrial Metal Supply. weight Calculator. Enter in  【Get Price】

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Guardrails must be able to withstand a load of 20 pounds per lineal foot applied horizontally at the top of the guardrail. Intermediate rails, panels or fillers, and their connections, shall be capable of withstanding a load of 25 pounds per square foot applied at right angles to the guardrail. Guardrails shall be designed so that a 6" diameter sphere cannot pass through the triangular space formed by the bottom of the rail, the riser and the tread. Balusters on a handrail or a guardrail shall be  【Get Price】

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The weights shown would be accurate if steel and aluminum could always be produced to exact size, but this is seldom possible in commercial practice. Accuracy of dimensions, particularly of hot rolled steel products, is influenced by many factors, such as mill design, heating practice, reduc- tion between passes, roll wear, roll pressure, composition of steel, and standard tolerances. Therefore, all weight tables should be used for estimating purposes only. Sec . S. Page 1  【Get Price】

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SURFACE AREA AND SQUARE FEET per LINEAR foot OF PIPE. Size. Diameter. Square Feet per Linear foot of Pipe. Inches. External. Inches. Internal. Inches. External. Internal. 1/4. 0.540. 0.364. 0.141. 0.096. 1/2. 0.840. 0.622. 0.219. 0.168. 3/4. 1.050. 0.824. 0.276. 0.216. 1. 1.315. 1.049. 0.344. 0.275. 1-1/2. 1.900. 1.610. 0.497. 0.422. 2. 2.375. 2.067. 0.622. 0.541. 2-1/2. 2.875. 2.469. 0.753. 0.647. 3. 3.500. 3.068. 0.916. 0.804. 4. 4.600. 4.026. 1.178. 1.053. 5. 5.563. 5.047. 1.456. 【Get Price】

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The ends of the rails shall not overhang the terminal posts, except where such overhang does not constitute a projection hazard. (Title 24, Part 2, Section 2-1716(a)). Note: Local building regulations may require 9-inch spacing of midrails. (b) All guardrails and other permissible types, including their connections and anchorage, shall be designed for a live load of 20 pounds per linear foot applied either horizontally or vertically downward at the top rail. Dimensional details of railing  【Get Price】

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handRAIL: A rail grasped by hand for guidance and sup- port. A handrail assembly includes the designed to resist a load of 50 lb/ft (pound-force per linear foot). (0.73 kN/m) applied in any direction at the . (4-2). In SI: Lr = Lo R1 R2 where 0.58 ≤ Lr ≤ 0.96 where. Lr = reduced roof live load per ft2 (m2) of horizontal projection in pounds per ft2 (kN/m2). The reduction factors R1 and R2 shall be determined as follows: 1 for At ≤ 200 ft2. R1 = 1.2 ? 0.001At for 200 ft2 < At < 600 ft2. 0.6. 【Get Price】

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Malleable Iron handrail & Fittings ? Base Plate. Door & Gate Hardware ? Steel Lock Boxes. Twisted & Hammered Bars. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES . 7-1/2. 150.21. 3004.20. 7-3/4. 160.40. 3208.00. 8. 170.90. 3418.00. 8-1/2. 192.93. 3858.60. 9. 216.30. 4326.00. 9-1/2. 241.00. 4820.00. 10. 267.04. 5340.80. SIZE. IN. INCHES. EST. WT. per FT. POUNDS. WT. per. 20' BAR,. POUNDS. REBAR, ROUND ROUND CONCRETE. REINFORCING STEEL. *OTHER GRADES AVAILABLE. #3. 【Get Price】

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Our Industrial hand-railing (including “ball” type handrail posts), Vertical Access Ladder system “AXESS”, Open. Flooring & Kick Flat System is supplied to Structural & Coastal Engineers, Architects & Consultants, Fabricators and General Industry alike. We can manufacture in Aluminium and Mild or Stainless Steel with a range of protec- tive finishes that suit various applications. We fully understand the need to meet Health & Safety requirements and our products conform to the latest. 【Get Price】

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Calculate the nominal weights for various carbon steel shapes. These weight calculations are based upon the theoretical weight of steel at 40.80 pounds per square foot per one inch of thickness. Metric Conversions and general length/weight conversions inc. 【Get Price】

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Texas Energy Absorbing Bridge Rail. Height: 27". Cost per linear foot: $__. Test level: TL-3. Utilized in: Texas. Contact: Mark Bloschock. Texas DOT Bridge Division. RA118. 125 E. 11th Street. Austin, TX 78701-2483. (512) 416-2178. Steel Tube Bridge Rail Attached to Bottom of Deck. 3.5. Section 3 page 1 of 2. Photo Not Yet Available&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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These heavy duty wrought iron handrails are made from 3" X 3" X 3/8" wall thickness posts, balusters are 1" X 1" sq. solid steel, handrail is 2" X 5/8" thick, pineapples are solid steel and weigh 10 lbs. each. These heavy duty wrought iron handrails are roughly 5 1/2 ft. long and weigh 300 lbs. each. Notice how all 4 sides of the posts have been machined. Heavy duty wrought iron handrails/railings made from these heavier materials are $600 per linear/running ft. This price per ft. does&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Purchase Order Calculator. Metal, shape, weight, size, and number of pieces. 【Get Price】