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fencing/utility poles. Nanyuki, Laikipia East. 28/09/2017. I am selling well treated cca fencing/utility poles. These poles can be used for fencing, log cabins and other utility needs. KSh 600. fencing/utility poles. 7. See also: building electric fence. Report Ad  【Get Price】

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KAKUZI PLC. P.O. Box 24 Thika 01000, kenya. Kakuzi has developed a wood-processing yard where timber and poles are treated. Timber is milled, pallets manufactured, "ecofriendly" charcoal produced and firewood sold, all in the same yard. treated poles of many sizes are available for sale. Quality Forestry Products. Poles; Timber; Flower Supports; fencing posts; Gates; Wooden Planting Boxes; Trellising; Doors; Door frames; Heat treated Pallets; Charcoal; Bee Hives  【Get Price】

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24 May 2016 Poles can be transported by road (making use of our own transport or contractors) or by rail in the case of exporting by sea freight from either Durban or Maputo harbour. Khulani Timber Industries is a national contract holder to Eskom for transmission poles, and supply poles to Telkom, electrical contractors and cross border to Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique. We have supplied treated poles to Mauritius and Seychelles, kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi,  【Get Price】

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24 Jan 2017 Equitel kenya (8); Mpesa (21); News (129); Notices (72); Photo Gallery (1); Press Realeases (26); Security Solutions (2); Technology (9). Business Opportunities (9); Courses (5); E-commerce (8); Entrepreneurship (21); Events (298); Import-Export (7); Jobs (1,410); Jumia kenya (8); Products (3,766). Agriculture (217); Apparel (37); Automobiles and Motor Cycles (394). Ready For Import (13). Beauty and Personal Care (8); Commercial Services (482); Computer  【Get Price】

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kenya Power yard in Eldoret. (Photo: BGF). Within the forest sector, the demand for transmission poles has witnessed one of the fastest growths in the last 10 years. As a result, hundreds of farmers and a number of companies have invested heavily in pole production in kenya. There have been mixes such as fencing poles, timber seasoning and exploration of emerging markets such as . Uganda, it will remain a net exporter of treated transmission poles within the next 10 years and  【Get Price】

Treated poles for sale - home & living - the star - The Star, Kenya

fencing/utility poles. Nanyuki, Laikipia East. 28/09/2017. I am selling well treated cca fencing/utility poles. These poles can be used for fencing, log cabins and other utility needs. KSh 600. fencing/utility poles. 7. See also: Poles for sale. Report Ad  【Get Price】

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14 Oct 2017 kenya fencing Experts- Beaconing, Picket Fences, Subdivision. Classic fencing Experts is a professional company engaged in supply and installation of quality perimeter fencing protection products and services for customers in kenya. We sell Highly Pressure treated poles, Concrete Poles, Cedar Poles, Locally treated Poles, Picket Fence, Chain Link Fences, Shamba and Ngombe Barbed wire. 【Get Price】

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23 Nov 2017 KSh 100: The poles are treated using water base C.C.A( chromated copper arsonate) using vacuum impregnation as per kenya Bureau of standard KS02-506 hence has a diamond mark of quality. Treatment protects agai 【Get Price】

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29 Feb 2012 Simple wooden fences. These are fences made out of wooden poles or posts for the simple purpose of dividing space. They are usually used for simple purposes such as dividing rentals. Materials used can range from timber, steel rods, blocks and are usually not more than 120cm high. Rustic fence. These are usually used in rural areas. They are simple hedge-like fences that are not well thought through. They do not last long because they are mobile. One can use  【Get Price】

The Soaking Method of Fence Posts

of time to secure a uniformly treated outer shell of wood. Water- soluble and oil-soluble preservatives may be used, but under the severe service conditions to which fence posts are subjected, water- soluble preservatives may be leached quite rapidly from the wood. For this reason, the discussion has been limited largely to the more permanent oil-soluble preservatives. The soaking method can be used successfully for the preserva- tive treatment of the sapwood of many Oregon tree  【Get Price】

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8 Dec 2017 kenya treated Wooden Products Dealers. We deal in treated wooden products including fencing posts, power poles, timber, flower supports, heat treated export pallets and firewood. For More Information Contact Kakuzi PLC Tel: 0202184137/0733730978/0713761791 Facebook Comments  【Get Price】

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8 Jan 2018 KSh 230: Offer on 7 ft treated standard fencing poles 7ft at Ksh. 230 only 1000 ready in stock.If you need more place an order as explained herein. Get quality standard treated fencing poles Ksh. 200 【Get Price】

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Are you in search of the best treated poles for fencing? Don't look further, WoodChem Traders is there for you. We treat eucalyptus poles with CCA treatment for poles used in power and telephone transmission, buildings, log cabins and fencing. We are leaders within the pole industry throughout all sectors of our market hence we will always offer Quality products and services to our customers. Make an order today and enjoy our services. Our offices are in Nairobi (Muthure) and  【Get Price】

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9 Oct 2017 KSh 350: We sell poles and posts treated with cca preservatives. Various sizes available. 【Get Price】