southern states wood Southern States Premium Pellet Bedding 40 lb

southern states Premium Pellet Bedding keeps stalls free of dust, ammonia and allergens while releasing a pleasant natural aroma. The fresh unsoiled pellets drop through forks, reducing cleanup time, and are 100% biodegradable for easier disposal. 【Get Price】

Log Splitters For Your Lawn & Garden - Southern States Cooperative

Shop for Log Splitters and other tools for your yard. We have lots of different Log Splitters to choose from at 【Get Price】

Southern States - Charles Town - Southern States Cooperative

Specialty Services Offered: -Custom application of fertilizer and crop protectants on pastures, crops and much more. -Custom application of fertilizer on small pastures/paddocks. -Specialize in pastures for livestock - horses, cattle, goats and sheep. -100% animal safe crop protectants. -Delivery service to farm and home. Products Offered: -Premium horse feeds for the performance, senior, hobby and pleasure horses. -Premium beef/dairy feeds and minerals. -Bulk feed, fertilizer, seed  【Get Price】

O'Malley Premium Hardwood Pellets 40lb - Southern States

Keep your home warm with O'Malley Premium Hardwood Pellets. These 100% hardwood pellets are some of the best on the market, delivering extremely high BTUs and a low ash content. O'Malley Premium Hardwood Pellets work well in all stoves, bringing you a clean and comfortable burn. All wood pellets are environmentally friendly and in no way contribute to global warming. So sit back and relax while you burn a bag of O'Malley Premium Hardwood Pellets. 【Get Price】 True American Wood Splitting Maul With

The True American wood Splitting Maul features a hickory handle that absorbs shock before it reaches the user. This tool is perfect for splitting wood in conjunction with wood-splitting wedges by first making a notch with splitting edges and then driving the wedge with the maul's striking head. The maul has a 36-inch hickory handle length and a 8 lb head weight to withstand frequent use. 【Get Price】

American Wood Fibers Ultra Premium White Pine Pellet Fuel 40lb

If you need a pellet fuel with ultra high heat and ultra low ash, American wood Fibers Ultra Premium White Pine Pellet Fuel is the right choice. This pellet fuel offers minimum cleaning and maximum BTUs, making it the perfect pellet fuel to keep your home warm. 【Get Price】

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Store History. southern states Philippi Cooperative was organized as a retail business on March 24, 1941. The original storefront was in the Thomas Wolfe building at the end of North High Street in Philippi. The Co-Op operated at this location until July 1948 when it purchased the Haney Building at the corner of woods and Depot Street about 100 yards away. In July of 1965 the members of Philippi Cooperative sold their interests to southern states Cooperative, Inc. and the business  【Get Price】

Nation's Choice Premium Wood Pellets 40lb - Southern States

Nation's Choice Premium wood Pellets are an all-natural, efficient way to heat your home. This ultra-low ash, high BTU wood pellet fuel will burn clean and strong, keeping your home warm year round. 【Get Price】

Dare Wood Fence Post Bracket - Southern States Cooperative

Connecting a wood fence is made easy with Dare's post brackets. Made of heavy duty, 16ga galvanized steel, use these quality brackets to connect 4in-6in diameter posts to 5in-8in diameter posts. 【Get Price】

Appalachian Hardwood Pellet Fuel Premium Plus 40lb - Southern

All Apparel Products · Coveralls · Eyewear · Footwear · Gloves · Hats · Jackets · Shirts · southern states Home > Home > Heating & Cooling > wood Pellets & Logs. SKU: 05901881. Appalachian Hardwood Pellet Fuel Premium Plus 40lb. $5.47. write a review. Appalachian Hardwood Pellet Fuel Premium Plus is a hot burning, low ash, premium hardwood pellet fuel. This environmentally friendly, cost-efficient pellet fuel is the perfect sustainable, green alternative for all your heating  【Get Price】

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How do you get started? It's important to accept the fact that almost every farm undergoes an eternal evolution. It is extremely rare for a new owner to be perfectly content with their new farm and never change a thing. You will never run out of ideas for improving what you have. You may decide to switch from farming pigs to raising meat goats, wood fence to T-posts with electric fencing wire, or one multi-purpose barn to multiple outbuildings for different purposes. This process is just one  【Get Price】

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3 days ago Stop by your Purcellville, VA southern states now through January 31st for our Bird Feeder Trade-In Event! It's time to upgrade your old bird feeders! Get 50% off a new in-stock feeder when you bring in your old feeder. Most feeders will be accepted for trade-in. Offer limited to in-stock feeders. Discount cannot be combined with any additional discounts or coupons. Please call (540) 338-7136 with any questions and visit for store  【Get Price】 Statesman Heat Pellets 40 lb - Southern States

statesman Heat Pellets provide premium grade fuel from hardwood pellets. These pellets burn efficiently with no additives and consistently with high heat output. statesman Heat Pellets also feature low ash content as well as minimal fines and emissions. 【Get Price】

Wood Pellets & Logs and More For Your Farm - Southern States

Shop for wood Pellets & Logs and other products at We have many different wood Pellets & Logs to choose from for your particular farming needs. 【Get Price】

Big Heat Premium Wood Fuel Pellets 40lb - Southern States

Big Heat Premium wood Fuel Pellets are a natural source of renewable energy derived from 100% clean wood waste. The low moisture, low ash pellets ensure a cleaner, hotter burn with a maximum BTU rating of 8000-9000. 【Get Price】

Lignetics Premium Quality Wood Pellet Fuel 40lb - Southern States

Lignetics wood Pellets are made from the highest quality, clean recycled sawmill waste. This premium grade pellet fuel provides a consistently high BTU output and produces less than one percent ash. The result is a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, and less waste to clean up. 【Get Price】

Mount Airy, MD - Southern States Cooperative

1 Jan 2018 Pre-order any garden stone accent from Massarelli's during the month of January 2018! Visit their website at and pick out any product they make. Receive 25% off any garden accent item when you pre-order during the month of January 2018 for a delivery in March 2018. 50% non-refundable deposit required. Items must be picked up within 5 days of delivery. 25% discount will be given at the time of pick up. Please call (301) 831-7600 for more  【Get Price】

Somerset Wood Fuel Pellets 40lb - Southern States Cooperative

Keep your home toasty with Somerset wood Fuel Pellets. This premium grade 100% hardwood pellet fuel contains no contaminants, produces very low ash and offers a high BTU rating. Made in the USA from the excess sawdust and wood fibers generated from Somerset's lumber and flooring manufacturing facilities, Somerset controls the quality from the forest to the finished product. 【Get Price】

Gallagher Pinlock Wooden Post Insulator Black - Southern States

With a wide jaw for greater strength, this post insulator from Gallagher can be used with any high tensile wire. Plus, the pinlock feature makes installation and removal of wires easier than ever. Designed to last, with the sun-resistant, durable plastic, the Pinlock wooden Post Insulator comes with at 10-year warranty. 【Get Price】