how many 1x4 do i need for a 16x16 deck

How to Calculate How Much Wood You're Going to Need for Flooring

installing a wood floor adds value and beauty to your home. The ease of calculating the amount of wood needed to cover your floor depends on the type of wood flooring you are purchasing. Typical room 【Get Price】 Decking Calculator

Use this deck floor calculator to determine the number of deck boards you need to complete your project. input the area of the deck and a few options to see the lengths and quantities of decking, screws and hidden fasteners. 【Get Price】

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Below are decking Calculators including Square Feet to Lineal Feet, Hidden Fastener Calculator, Stainless Steel Screw Calculator for ipe decking installations. These calculators can be used to help you estimate how much decking you need. You may also want to check out: how much decking do i need ? face screwing vs hidden fasteners? ipe decking installation instructions. Opus ipe deck 6 Web  【Get Price】

How to Calculate How Much Decking You Need Hunker

29 Mar 2010 Calculating materials is one of the toughest jobs for beginning and do-it-yourself carpenters to master. Getting the right amount saves time on extra trips to the lumber yard and hardware store, not to mention money on expensive, often nonreturnable lumber. To get a clear picture of the amount of decking you'll need, start with a sketch or blueprint of your deck. Figure your order correctly by starting with the total square footage. Ordering the right amount of decking  【Get Price】

How to Build a Pergola in Two Days on a Budget - Detailed How-To

18 Jul 2012 if you need piers, you'll have to first ascertain exactly where your posts will sit. Take your time, and make sure your posts will line up right and be square to each other. Next, dig some 8-10” holes to below the frost level in your area (usually three feet or a bit more). Unless you are strong like bull, this is made MUCH easier with the use of a rented power augur, and is well worth the $40 or so for the rental. insert Sonotubes in the holes, mix and pour your concrete into  【Get Price】

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in addition to measuring the area of the deck you should also measure how much lumber will be needed for stairs. it's a good idea to order 10% additional lumber to account for waste and off-cuts. Finally, don't forget to order enough fasteners for your project, such as a hidden fastener, or stainless/coated screws. You will want to order the correct fasteners for the type of decking you're ordering, some products such as composite boards may require a specific type of hidden fastener or  【Get Price】

How Do I Determine How Much Lumber I Need?

One of the most common problems homeowners face when planning their home is finding out how much lumber they need to cover a particular wall. Lumber prices are quoted by the linear (running) foot, but most people only know how many square feet they have. if you already know how many square feet you have to cover, you can easily convert that amount to linear feet. Converting Square Feet to Linear Feet: 1. Start with the amount of square feet you have to cover and multiply it  【Get Price】

How Many Deck Posts Should a 8'x12' Deck Have? Home Guides

an 8-by-12-foot deck will need a post at each of the four corners, and it should have at least one line post between each pair of corner posts. On the 8-foot sides, that makes a spacing of 4 feet between posts, and on the 12-foot sides, the post spacing is 6 feet, which is the upper limit of the code requirement. That's a total of 8 posts. Symmetry considerations may motivate you to add an extra post on each of the 12-foot sides to create uniform 4-foot spacing between posts around the  【Get Price】