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The need to annually patch and repair, along with the inconvenience and expense, is no longer necessary with SANI-TRED'S permanent flexible bonded repair system. SANI-TRED is the only waterproofing system that can repair These are some qualities of the SANI-TRED boat floor paint products that sets SANI-TRED above all other boat deck paint products in the world in the field of marine waterproofing and repair. No other boat deck paint products on earth can duplicate this  【Get Price】

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28 Jul 2014 pontoon boat deck damage deck Damage. The results of removing the old console supports are shown at right. I think I used 3M 4200 and it really stuck to that plywood! I was able to cut and pry most of it away, but some pretty good sized pieces of the plywood deck came up too. Fuel Tank Mounting holes. As long as I was into deck repair mode, I decided to fill the old fuel tank mounting holes and drill some oversized new ones to fill with epoxy. While I was at it, I filled  【Get Price】

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One of the most common areas of damage on fiberglass and pontoon boats is deteriorated or rotted-out cockpit/deck flooring. The reasons are obvious: water saturation through leaking glass laminate and plywood. Sometimes this can be repaired by treating the existing wood or by drilling access holes in the glass laminate and injecting CPES? (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) and, if the damage is severe, Layup & Laminating Resin. We cover this process under deck repair in a  【Get Price】

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By Tom Pawlak. Big Jon (BJ) serves as a reel for retrieving and letting line attached to floating planer boards in and out from a boat while trolling. Planer boards are used to get fishing lures off to the side of the hull so the lures aren't following directly behind the boat while trolling for walleye. The further the planer board is reeled out, the further the lures are from the side of the hull. BJ has served Tom and Lorraine Klinski well but recently developed some cracks in what appears to be a  【Get Price】

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30 Jun 2017 That's why I recommend that every pontoon owner learn about the deck of their boat, as well as how to protect, maintain, repair and replace it—even those of us who are less savvy about mechanical things. Above board Before the bolt is inserted, a hole has to be pre-drilled for the bolt. That hole must Pros: Has been used for years for boats, resists insects, water damage, rot, algae and fungi, it's a good base for floor covering and it's durable overall. Cons: Heavy  【Get Price】

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Here are some tricks to fixing up your boat. See more ideas about Boathouse, Boating and Boats. 【Get Price】

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Bolted deck Versus Screwed deck: How your decking is attached to “skeleton” or cross-channels of your pontoon is just as important as the type of flooring you choose. A pontoon boat, because of its design, (two independent Welding the affected area typically repairs pontoon log punctures, however the heat required for this process will seriously degrade the foam inside, resulting in numerous problems in achieving a desirable repair. Often the pontoon log must be dismantled, and  【Get Price】

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We provide the gamut of services—from major structural repair to cosmetic repair and bottom painting—all with the highest quality of work and materials available. As the region's best-trained, certified, fiberglass boat repair resource, we are proud to offer outstanding services and prices. If your boat needs winterizing, we're the right choice. For fiberglass and gelcoat repair, engine repair, sterndrive repair, inboard repair, color matching, hull repair, transom repair and boat trailer repair,  【Get Price】

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We can repair or restore your pontoon's structural components to new interior comforts. Need to re-carpet or replace an aging floor? We can add many more years of pleasure at less than the cost of new. We have a 26' pontoon trailer to transport your pontoon from the lake to our shop for repairs or storage. New carpet; Re-decking. Stainless steel fasteners; Epoxy sealed floor option; Marine AB Plywood. Marine vinyl floor coverings; Wiring; Painting; Trailer work; New trailer sales  【Get Price】

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Return to home page - index of other help projects page. EPOXY GURU HOME. Aluminum pontoon Boat repair - Aluminum Coatings. I get lots of calls about leaking aluminum pontoon boats and rivet hulled aluminum boat leaks. Aluminum can corrode away becoming like paper and full of tiny holes. Rivets in boats begin to leak. How do you fix these things? For leaking rivets and seams, a coat or two or three of our aluminum filled, moisture cured urethane -- ALUTHANE -- will often  【Get Price】

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If you have the means and resources to remove a piece of the boat floor and replace it then that is the best thing you can do for the boat. Replacing a piece of rotting floor is the best course of action because there is no telling how bad the rotting is as it could have spread to other places not immediately visible; however, if you have no choice but to patch the rotten section, it is better to do so from under the floor (if possible). This creates a decent seal, but also prevents someone from  【Get Price】

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31 Jul 2014 By Joe Parker. A common source of problems on open runabouts and pontoon boats is the cockpit floor or deck. This part of the boat is usually just a layer of plywood screwed down to the top of stringers and frames. Many have a layer of carpet or vinyl flooring material glued onto the plywood. On runabouts, the floor is usually “tabbed” or joined to the hull sides with fiberglass tape at the edges of the plywood and up the side of the hull a few inches. Some runabouts  【Get Price】