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Is Pressure Treated a more expensive, maintenance-free lumber? 7. Do you recommend staining? 8. Is staining the only maintenance required? 9. How long should I expect Fence or Deck to last? 10. How long should I expect until I have to stain again? 11. What about environmental concerns? 12. Can you tell me more about the new type of Pressure Treating? 13. What about using non-treated lumbers, other than cedar? 14. Does it matter if a wood fence touches the ground? 15. 【Get Price】

Timber industry turns to underwater crop Grist

19 Aug 2005 While remotely operated submersibles aren't a new concept — they're used by oil-exploration companies, for one — the Sawfish appears to be the first one in the world armed with a saw and a taste for timber. Under the pilot's watchful eye, the Sawfish Since its maiden voyage, it has removed about 3,000 trees, most of them Douglas fir, western red cedar, and hemlock, from a small 1940s-era reservoir called Lois Lake. The company has sold most of those logs to  【Get Price】

Sunken Treasure: Benefits of Underwater Timber #forest

22 Dec 2014 underwater wood created from sinker logs have attractive color variation, durability, and perceived sustainable benefits. Learn how it's found and used. 【Get Price】

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Western Red cedar and Northern White cedar are coniferous members of the Cypress family Cupressaceae. However, many people know Western Red cedar for its rustic, resilient furniture. Others may know cedar as the sauna wood which withstands a lot of sweat and heat. From the traditional cedar-lined chest to Native American customs and uses, a large cross-section of society finds value and joy from using cedar wood. 【Get Price】

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16 Jun 2007 Some decay-resistant woods such as teak, cedar, and oak can be left unfinished, though finishing enhances their nautical appearance. A few tropical hardwoods, such as cocobolo and lignum vitae, are difficult to finish properly, and should be left bare. If you have a teak deck, leave it bare. Clean the surface regularly with liquid soap, salt water, and pot scrubbers used perpendicular to the grain. Don't use a stiff or wire brush, or rub with the grain, as this will have the  【Get Price】

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6 Jan 2014 Rot-Resistant wood. Old-Growth Cypress – The old-growth version of this resistant wood has so much more heartwood than its new or second-growth cousins that it is harder and has much greater resistance to rot and insects. cedar (Eastern White or Western Red) – cedar is a great wood for exterior work. If you are planning on finishing with a stain cedar really excels at this. If you plan to paint make sure you use a stain blocking oil primer because the resins in cedar  【Get Price】

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1 Jul 2009 If there is too much, it can deprive the fungi of the oxygen it needs — as in the case of the logs in your question, which were completely submerged under water that had a low oxygen content. Although we can control moisture to some extent, it is difficult to completely keep water, oxygen, or favorable temperatures from affecting wood used outdoors. Depriving Building codes allow the use of naturally decay-resistant woods such as redwood and western red cedar. 【Get Price】

Effects of immersion in water on deterioration of wood from five

site could be used. Logs added to streams are typically subjected to considerable force from the flow in the channel. Therefore, resistance to breaking and flexing is an important consideration in selecting materials for enhancement projects. 1986). However, in many enhancement projects pieces of wood are under water for most of the year. Very little in?orination is available on the. Species-specific, temporal changes in physical properties of submerged wood. The objective of. 【Get Price】

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Not quite as resistant as these, but still defined as resistant or very resistant, according to the FPL, are more common woods that are widely sold for outdoor use: various species of cedar, cypress, redwood, and white oak. The following two sections list domestic and tropical tree species whose wood (underwater, where there is very little oxygen, wood lasts for decades, or even centuries, with little decay.) Dozens of companies specialize in salvaged wood: redwood from wine vats in  【Get Price】

1800s-era sunken logs are now treasure; here are the men who find

13 Jul 2014 for the last three years, Emerson, 28, has steered his barge along rivers in South Carolina in pursuit of "sinker wood," as the logs are known. With his unruly hair and shaggy beard, underwater, Emerson found the end of the pine and struggled to wrap the log with a steel cable. His find was a beauty — nearly 20 feet In his workshop, he's also using cypress to fashion an expensive 20-foot-long bar commissioned by a tavern owner. The two men cut most recovered  【Get Price】

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Like fingernails on a blackboard, homeowners bubble, “I have cedar siding.” Don't get me wrong cedar is my choice for siding too, but let's get something straight. Not all siding, decking and trim made from cedar, redwood or other species famous for durability are in fact rot resistant. Only the heartwood of certain species is naturally decay resistant. Untreated sapwood of virtually all species has very little decay resistance. You can expect a short service life if you use sapwood in  【Get Price】

The Underwater Wood - History in the Making

The underwater wood. Picture. Part of a log boom on a river. Picture. Playfair Lumber Mill, 1895. Picture. Moving logs into position. Picture. Log recovery by Aqua Timber. From Jim's Notes. Slab wood which is usually used for firewood is the wood that is first cut off the log. These pieces include the curved outside of A time-consuming procedure that proved effective was chaining the heavy hardwood logs to buoyant cedar or dry pine logs. When lumber prices were good it was worth  【Get Price】

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13 Sep 2005 Canada's British Columbia at forefront, using 'Sawfish' submarine Much of British Columbia's submerged timber -- a bevy of pine, spruce, fir, cedar, and hemlock worth an estimated $2 billion -- stands in three vast human-made lakes. In 1996, B.C.'s Ministry of forests granted the Cheslatta a 10-year license allowing them access to more than 3 million cubic meters of underwater lumber, and a second license issued subsequently permits them to log another 3  【Get Price】

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22 Nov 2011 The type of wood chosen to construct a dock directly influences the platform's longevity and ability to withstand constant interaction with the elements. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the best wood boards for building a dock are Western red cedar, redwood, cypress and eastern white cedar. Permanent dock piles or dock cribs should use stronger hardwoods, including Douglas fir, tamarack and hemlock. Western larch, spruce and pine can substitute in the  【Get Price】