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Chip Lee Timber and Plywood

At Chip Lee, we offer a wide variety of plywood for both importers and manufacturers. Our plywood products cater to each timber for the needs of each industry. Finger-Joint Timber are composed together from recyclable pieces of wood in our effort to promote Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Due to the flexible characteristics of Radiata Pine, it may be used from fine to heavy industry - ranging from decorative items (flooring and wall panels) to pallet making. Grown throughout the Pacific  【Get Price】


SHERA - Environmentally friendly alternatives to natural wood building materials. As the world starts to realize the importance of conserving our environment and resources, more and more countries, companies and individuals are looking into ways to reduce their usage of our planet's natural resources. One such resource is our natural forests, which needs to be preserved to protect the vibrant ecosystems that thrive within. SHERA products are made from fibre cement and finished to  【Get Price】

3d Wallpaper Singapore Wall Affairs

Replacing or removing a real stacked stone wall is also a regret of a life time too. Thanks to 3D wallpaper that provides images that look like stones, bricks, tiles or wood in the real world but is in 2D actually. It costs a few hundreds of dollars and a few hours to install by any leading wallpaper supplier in singapore. It can be easily remove and replace with new updated designs whenever you like. You can also buy 3D wallpaper in singapore with texture that feel like the real stone, brick,  【Get Price】

Timber skirting Singapore MDF Skirting Calvary Carpentry

Timber Skirting,wood Skirting,MDF Skirting supply and installation in singapore for your wooden floors. Timber Skirting is a relatively thin plank of wood and is used as a termination for timber floors when they meet the walls. in varying thickness from 10mm-20mm and varying heights from 60-mm-100mm. There are mainly 2 kinds of skirting in singapore. Commonly, we install Medium-Density-Fibreboard (MDF) skirting over vinyl or laminate flooring. The question : wood or MDF? 【Get Price】

Siuakustik Wood Acoustical Wall & Ceilings

Siuakustik manufacturing building materials for wellness interiors with wood walls,ceilings,partitions, doors,noise control,solation products,topakustik. 【Get Price】

Where To Buy Woods, Timber, Planks, Plywoods, Laminated Sheets

i am planning to do up my own Feature wall. If you really need alot and on a budget, i managed to get hold of a contact from gul drive or gul circle, a factory that is doing supply to all shops in singapore from my colleague. The teak wood sold at defu is about $65000 per tonne then they will work out slowly the cost of ur wood. like divide by 72000 then multiply by your feet and size. haha. that what my colleague who was in renovation line told me. so he said you  【Get Price】

10 Best Craft Stores in Singapore for DIY Supplies

10 Jun 2017 To well achieve the best crafting products, you will need the best DIY supplies in the market. Find them at the below in singapore, Overjoyed store is located on Short Street (Golden wall Centre). Its global existence explains the painting: tools, paints and papers. drawing: pencils, crayons and markers. material: wood, floristry, pom pom, chenille and fibre. craft paper: tissue, corrugated, coloured, decorative, cellophane and crepe. Their selection of drawing  【Get Price】

Best Building Supplies Professionals in Singapore Houzz

There are also solid wood and engineered wood products to choose from. With today's emphasis on chemical-free and recyclable products, you may find timber supply company that specialises in salvaged, recycled and reclaimed timber. Reclaimed timber projects and applications can include custom interior walls, wide-plank flooring, timber sliding doors and more. It takes many different kinds of building supplies and materials to complete a home, and timber supplies and building  【Get Price】

Wall Art Singapore 3D Wall Singapore Wall design Singapore

wall (3D Series) selection has been adopted for a wide range of modern living space realization such as: Retail boutiques, commercial offices or residential homes. Complete your modern interior design statement with a unique multidimensional wall and ceiling design today! RAV.wall? [plank SERIES] Jotterwood also offers another range of plank wall Series which portrays realistic natural wood textures and colors. The wall panel system is highly resistance to water and heat,  【Get Price】

Series Supplies Decorative Wall Panel Wave Panel, 3d wall panel

Decorative wall Panels are an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D wall panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost.123. 【Get Price】