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Hi expert! I live in Southeast Portland and about five years ago we bought a house with a collection of old and amazing grape vines. Unfortunately at the base of the best vine there was a large compost bin made from railroad ties. We removed the ties, but the structure had been there for at least 30 years and was starting to break down. I have a feeling that a lot of the creosote made it into the soil. Can you recommend an environmental service that could assess the  【Get Price】

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RESEARCH:TIE EVALUATION. 8. CROSSties ? MARCH/APRIL 2010. By Steve Smith & Chris Bolin. The full life cycle of creosote-treated rail- road ties includes the growth of trees on forested land; harvest of logs; milling to create ties and lumber; not increase GHG emissions. Acidification - Combustion of fuel results in emissions that contribute to acidification. Factors have been applied to standard emission rates for natural gas, wood, and coal com- bustion boilers to evaluate the. 【Get Price】

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The ties, which are manufactured from oaks and other hardwoods, are pressure treated with creosote, which, under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), is an approved registered pesticide for this purpose (see: Under EPA's “treated articles exemption,” railroad crossties, utility poles and other wood products that have been pressure-treated with FIFRA-registered creosote wood preservatives are not subject to FIFRA regulation (see 40 CFR 152.25(a)). 【Get Price】

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7 May 2009 Inspect No. 1 grade or premium railroad ties for splitting on the ends and wear on the sides. No. 1 grade ties are one step below relay ties, and have three or four straight sides. They're usually dark from creosote. These strong, durable ties are suitable for any landscaping purpose. 【Get Price】

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closed we take our refuse to the City of Cleveland. The City of Cleveland is not permitted to accept rail road ties at their facility. The following are recommendations of the Ohio EPA on how to dispose of old rail road ties. Ohio EPA promotes utility poles and railroad ties. creosote is not used for treating wood that's typically used in a residential setting, however, it is common to find old railroad ties at homes that have been used for landscaping materials. Because of this, U.S. EPA has  【Get Price】

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Used Railroad Tie-creosote Treated 7 x 9 x 8'. Model Number: 1098817 Menards<sup>?</sup> SKU: 1098817. Enter Your ZIP Code for Local Price & Status. Description; Accessories; Specifications. Printer Friendly. Share Item. Share. Add to Compare. Not Available Online. Currently not available for online purchase. Enter Your ZIP Code for store information. Add to My List. Add to Gift Registry&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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These numbers are based on R-1 Reports and survey responses from the Class 1 and Short Line Railroads, and may not accurately represent actual production and purchases of ties. In 2016 the major railroads Smaller gondolas might be used for 106 lb rail lines. If trucks were used . In addition to creosote, Pentachlorophenol and Copper Naphthenate (CuN) are approved preservatives for hardwood ties by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). ACZA is now also&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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11 Apr 2013 ity, and eutrophication. Comparisons of the products are made at a functional unit of 1.61 kilometers (1.0 mile) of rail- road track per year. This LCA finds that the manufacture, use, and disposition of creosote-treated wooden railroad .. The maintenance frequency of concrete crossties includes clip replacement only once during the crosstie life. No car- bonatization of concrete is accounted for in the inventory. This LCI does not account for polymer tie pads, pad. 【Get Price】

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The Railway Tie Association has all the specifications of railroad ties, including what woods they are made of, how many are currently in use, and their standard sizes. All that being said, unless they have a MINIMUM weight per tie (and therefore a minimum density) they can't have a standard weight per tie, because ties are cut from wood, which does not maintain the same weight per volume standard, even among the same The point is to hold the rails apart at the correct distance. 【Get Price】

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Railroad ties, also known as crossties or sleepers are the primary lateral support for the rails themselves, anchoring the track and giving it a solid, sound base upon which trains can pass over. Througout the years crosstie technology has improved to the point that today, the common hardwood tie which has been properly treated with creosote can last at least 30-40 years before needing replaced. While the basic design and function of the tie has not changed much in more than a&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Nevertheless, communities developing rail-trails occasionally have to deal with known, potential or perceived contamination along the corridor. Fortunately, contamination does not necessarily prevent the development of rail-trails as long as appropriate steps are taken to ensure safety to trail users. Railroad ties, usually treated with chemicals such as creosote; Coal ash and cinder containing lead and arsenic; Spilled or leaked liquids such as oil, gasoline, cleaning solvents, etc. 【Get Price】