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Liquid Diamond Products Ltd. - FRP Wall & Ceiling Panels

We are Canada's Leading FRP distributor with a distributor in most cities, we will be able to serve you with any of your requirements. If you are after FRP panels in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Vancouver, Saskatoon or Regina please contact us for a distributor nearest you. 【Get Price】

Food Industry - RFS Hygienic Cladding

Specialist suppliers and installers of hygienic walls, floors and ceilings to the food industry. There is a growing importance for hygiene in food and drink preparation and processing areas. Legislation is becoming ever more stringent, and the penalties for non-compliance are becoming more severe. food contamination can cost your business dearly, that's why you make sure your staff are well trained on what to wear and how they conduct themselves at work. But are your walls letting  【Get Price】

Food and Meat Processing: Structural Insulated Panels - PermaTherm

Meat and food processing plants, facilities, and storage buildings must not only be thermally insulated, but they must be able to control bacteria, grease, or dust. PermaTherm's structural insulated metal panels, as well as floor and ceiling panels for food and meat related facilities are generally stainless steel or FRP skinned panels, with alternative textures that support a clean work environment. PermaTherm SIPs are highly washable, hygienic, resistant to mold & stains, and meet  【Get Price】

Cladding Wall in Food and Drink Manufacturing

Use Proclad wall and ceiling panels in food and drink processing areas - where hygiene matters most! 【Get Price】

Octaform - Blog Wall & Ceiling Panel

25 Oct 2013 Quick Liner wall & ceiling panels fasten to your structure and instantly transform dark and dingy walls into a clean and bright environment that is resistant to corrosion, fade and dirt. Egg Production Facility. Extruded from food-grade PVC, Quick Liner can be used in food processing facilities, clean rooms and anywhere that biosecurity is important. describe the image. PVC is easy to clean and will not support the growth of mold so you can stop being concerned about  【Get Price】

Materials Plastruct Polyzone

FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic). Crane<sup>?</sup> Composites Glasbord. Fibreglass reinforced plastic. FRP wall panels are ideal for food processing facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings and wash facilities. Because they are manufactured using a patented process that includes a Glasbord Surfaseal anti-bacterial layer, graffiti, food spills and other tough dirt are easily cleaned. They are recommended as standard code for many national food service chains. More&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Food Grade Solid PVC - PVC Cladding

PVC Cladding sell Solid PVC Sheets for use in hygiene cladding applications. Class 1 fire rated and perfect for use in hospitals and kitchens. Order online! 【Get Price】

Hygiene & Food Industry - Paroc Panels

The tightness of panel structures and sealants creates a basis for hygienic walls and ceilings. For washable walls it is recommended to use sealants both in the tongue and groove joint of panels and on the surface of the joints. Tests made by the independent research institute VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) regarding the microbiological growth in PAROC panel core, show that PAROC panels are safe to be used in food industry applications and there is no risk for&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Food processing facilities - HYGI PANEL?

4 Mar 2016 Thanks to HYGI PANEL<sup>?</sup> (formerly New Ramic<sup>?</sup>) washable wall and ceiling cladding, numerous installations in the food industry have been renovated and now comply with HACCP hygiene standards. HYGI PANEL<sup>?</sup> panels are used in processing plants for meat, fish, materials, fruits and vegetables, as well as industrial bakeries and dairies, etc. We increase the value of sandwich or isothermal panels on which food grade paint is coming off the metal surface of&nbsp; 【Get Price】

food grade wall lining - Dynamic Composite Technologies

Crane Glasbord PIF with Surfaseal panels are a durable, flexible building material that will not mould, mildew, rot or corrode. It exhibits excellent resistance to mild chemicals and moisture. The panel has a Class C rating for flame spread and smoke development when tested per ASTM E-84. 【Get Price】

PVC Wall Liner Panels, Tongue & Groove Hollow Panels: Extrutech

food Process Industry. For Non-food Contact Surfaces. We have the product for your next project. From wall and ceiling coverings to pre-hung doors and trims. Apply an instant, clean, durable finish to any area. Made with 100% virgin exterior grade PVC, the P2400 panel is 24" wide for walls and complements the popular 12"wide P1300 panel used on walls and ceilings. All have a tongue and groove design with a nailing fin along one side that makes installation quick and easy&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Octaform PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

Octaform Quick Liner fastens to your structure and transforms your walls into a clean and bright environment, resistant to moisture, corrosion and dirt. 【Get Price】

SDI Building Panels - Sanitary Design Industries

SDI panels can come with different finish options on each side. food grade Facings on the inside, industrial finishes on the outer surface to be used for ceilings and external walls. Polyester paint on Galvanized Steel. (.002 thickness). Vinyl paint on Galvanized Steel. (.004 thickness). Glasboard Brand FRP on any core. smooth or stucco. Glasboard Brand FRP on primed steel. smooth or stucco. Stainless (Fire rated). SDI Panel Cooler Doors. SDI Building panels&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Wall & Ceiling Panels - Trusscore

wall & ceiling panels. TRUSSCORE is the easy to install wall and ceiling panelling that's transforming building practices across North America. general_1 Trusscore PVC wall and ceiling Panelling is designed to satisfy your most Dairy, Hog, and Poultry Farms; Home ceiling / wall panels; Kennels; Riding Stables; Marinas; Fisheries; food Processing Plants; Chemical Processing Plants; Meat Packaging Facilities; Restaurant Kitchens; Supermarkets; Laboratories; Theme Parks&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Food safe wall and ceiling linings - Hygenic Clad & Clean

food Manufacturers & Processors. If you need wall and ceiling linings that are food safe, fire rated and easy to wipe clean then take a look at our specialist product range. Dairy/ Cheese factory - Thermopanel walls to 6 metres and Strip clad ceilings Fish processing - Hygenic walls and Strip Clad PVC ceilings over old fridge panels Confectionery and Bakers- Upgrade over tiled walls and Strip clad ceilings New build food and drink factories, 10mm Thermopanel onto framework, W+C (. 【Get Price】

FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) Plastruct Polyzone

FRP wall panels are ideal for food processing facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings and wash facilities. Because they are manufactured using a patented process that includes a Glasbord Surfaseal anti-bacterial layer, graffiti, food spills and other tough dirt are easily cleaned. They are recommended as standard code for many national food service FRP panels in an airport hangar &middot; FRP wall panels. Sell Sheet. Premium grade Fiberglass Reinforced panels3.32 MB. Technical&nbsp; 【Get Price】

food grade wall liners - Dynamic Composite Technologies

Glasbord is highly resistant to impact and the Surfaseal finish resists scratches and abrasions, is up to 10 times easier to clean and up to 6 times more stain resistant. 【Get Price】